alida, 22 years old in toronto, ontario.never know the right thing to say.


Saint-germain “chez simone ” france

Why aren’t more people freaking out about the new Venezuelan labor law?



You know, the one that gives housewives/full-time mothers a pension— wages for housework?

It’s ONLY A HUGE VICTORY FOR FEMINISM, SOCIALISM, AND WOMEN OF COLOR. Not a big deal or anything. Tumblr is mysteriously silent about this.

holy shit!

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doomed to look my cutest when I’m alone 💕

“Whenever you’re going through a bad day just remember, your track record for getting through bad days, so far, is 100%; and that’s pretty damn good.”

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Debbie Harry - Robert Mapplethorpe, 1978

Super snowy Harajuku at 2am on Valentine’s Day night 2014.
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