alida, 21 years old in toronto, ontario.
never know the right thing to say.







A West Philly collective aims to elevate underrepresented voices in science fiction literature and beyond

Metropolarity rules!

shucks y’all

Metropolarity is a group of friends who identify as queer, enjoy writing science fiction in and about Philly and host live readings, dubbed “Laser Life.” 
More than that, though, it is a grassroots cultural movement providing a stage for underrepresented voices in the media, specifically those of queer people and people of color. 

thanks for all the kind words & attention yo

How do I meet these wonderful new people?

Detail: The Reredos of the High Altar of Michaelkirche (Saint Michael’s Church), in Vienna’s historic Innere Stadt, showing the Taxiarch trampling down the fallen angels into Hell.

Nick Knight, Flora 
Knight added water and heat to the printing process of these photos, using a technique that took him 10 years to create.
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